Global challenges to
Local solutions design

Luís Rocha

Public Affairs & Market Access Director


Designers must go beyond design; this presentation will illustrate this, by reflecting on how design has changed and through the design research undertaken at ImaginationLancaster. How do we influence and answer questions on; who makes design decisions, how we inform design decisions, how we engage with design decision-making, and how we help design futures.  Finally how do we educate the next generation of design leaders.

About the Speaker

Public Affairs & Market Access Director at Novartis Portugal since 2007, Board Member of the Novartis Executive Committee (Novartis, Sandoz, Alcon) since 2006.
Heads the Public Affairs (institutional relations, communication and medicines policy) and Market Access activities (registration, financing and reimbursement, health economics & outcomes research).
Member of Novartis European Public Affairs team, Novartis European Health Economics and outcomes research and Market Access teams.
Has a work record of over 25 years in Pharmaceutical and Information Technology industries, spanning across different business areas at UNISYS (IT & information systems), Merck Sharp & Dohme (1988-2002), Pfizer (2002-2006) and Novartis (2006-now).
Degree in Business Administration, executive training in General Management (INSEAD, 2005) and Healthcare management (NOVA, 2007), a post-graduation on Health Economics (ISEG, 1995), and supplemental training in Strategic Planning, Marketing, Public affairs and Health Economics and Health Policy (Harvard Health Systems Excellence, 2018)
Areas of interest include Health financing and Economics, Health targets, Science communication, Health literacy, Evidence based medicine, Big data in healthcare.
Born in Évora, Portugal, lives in Lisbon. Enjoys travelling, technology, music (classic & contemporary), photography, bird watching.
Married with Sofia (MD), has 2 kids currently in University: Vera (Management degree at NOVA University of Business and Economics) and Ivo (MD student at Nova Medical School).